Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Gift Guide- Part Four

Part Four of an Ongoing Series to Help You Find the Perfect Gift.

International Man of Mystery- Maybe he doesn't lead sting operations or drive a custom car, but he manages a softball team and a carpool without breaking a sweat, okay, maybe a little sweat, but that's just because he gives it his all.

Shave and a Haircut...
Maybe I watch too much science fiction-- I'm currently in the midst of a Farscape marathon, a show with what may be the worst theme song in the history of television-- but I think that this shaving set by Jim Stewart looks like it could have been pulled from Captain Picard's vanity. The material looks like space, not space aged, but like Hubbell images, and the interesting, chrome stand seems modern. A throwback in a space suit, just like the intrepid starship captain.

A note for my fellow veggies and allergic type people; the brush is badger hair, but Jim has many lovely razors available sans brush.

For the man who loves tradition, consider a bottle of Bay Rum Aftershave from the Man Cave. I placed a bottle in my grandpa's stocking last Christmas, but the scent is timeless, and will work for men of all ages. I would buy from Carrie (the proprietor) again, without hesitation.

The Fingerprint Cufflinks by Alison of AliBaliJewellery seem the perfect gift for the spy or spy movie fan in your life. They are an understated way to carry around a personal memento of someone he loves, or someone he hates (in case he needs to plant some evidence), even if he isn't involved in criminal justice (or criminal activity). 

Spare Tire 
Sorry, I like bad puns, I also like people who find creative ways to keep things out of landfills, and I love the bicycle tire belts created by Josh of Rubber Robot. This one is yellow, which means it is jaunty*, as yellow is the universal color of upbeat things, I think.  I also think they look like either an inflatable device for escape, or the sartorial attempts of a man lost from society. (I told you I watch too much science fiction.)

Not A Purse
I've spent more time than I care to account for drooling over the camera bags created by Mari Forssell of stash. While I'm drawn to the bold patterns, I also appreciate the classic look of those styled in grey wool tweed. The fabric's connection to masculine tailoring makes it a perfect gift for the impeccably dressed shutterbug. 

Wrap It Up
I love this card from Errin Ironside's shop IRONSIDE. It's perfect for the overly cautious or unusually endangered man in your life. Let him know there is a fabulous gift, rather than a bomb or deadly snake inside the box he's just received. 

These boxes bring back memories. I can hear the sound of hands raking through a pile of plastic bricks so large it completely obscures the floor. Surprise your favorite Lego lover with a nostalgic box from Bits and Badges. The cufflinks they are designed to hold are fantastic as well (I'm rather fond of the Stig version). Remember, even the most cultured man used to be a little boy. 

Help nurture future generations of enterprising, daring, and compassionate men by making a donation in your favorite guy's name to an organization that helped to shape him, such as the Boy Scouts of America, the National 4-H Council, or Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America; all of which earned top marks from the American Institute of Philanthropy

I hope I've jump started your manly gift giving ideas. Other installments of this series focus on gifts for recipients with different personality types and interests. 

*Maybe jaunty isn't the best word choice here, but I'm rarely able to work it into conversation, and I like it, so it stays. Also, I have decided that the words jaunty and jaundice are from the same root word, possibly meaning yellow. To hell with the truth.

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