Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've decided to add a followers widget on the sidebar of this here blog (with a little prodding from Miss Kerry), and realize that it is a bit embarrassing to only have three followers, no matter how fabulous those three people are. To add a few more pictures to that lonely looking widget, and a bit of a boost to the old self-esteem (hopefully),  I'm holding a giveaway for anyone who follows this blog. WanderingJeweler, CleanerScience, and Jim will receive double entry, because I said so (though, I must admit, Jim really isn't my target demographic, and may be a bit disappointed in the fabulous prize).

Tell Them What They'll Win

Up for grabs is a custom pin, bobby pin, or pendant based on the following designs in my shop: two plain floofballs*, a floofycritter, or floofballs and lace, you pick the color and material**. Simply follow this blog, and on April 15 I will randomly draw a number to select the winner. Good luck, and thank you for even taking the time to read my silliness!

*If you choose a plain floofball pendant, you will get a free chain, rather than two pendants. Other pendant designs will not come with a necklace.
**From my supply, which is pretty extensive.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Gift Guide - Part Three

Part Three of an Ongoing Series to Help You Find the Perfect Gift.

The Geek- The person you call when you need an answer to a bit of trivia even Wikipedia can not provide. 

I will admit that these offerings tend to fall under the categories of my own particular brand of geekiness. Geeks come in so many flavors, it would be impossible to incorporate them all. The diversity makes me happy, my inability to celebrate it properly is a disappointment. 

Molecular Talisman
To understand my love of the first product, you must first know a bit about me. I have chronic migraines, at my worst, I had symptoms every day for months at a time. I'm also working toward a degree in biology, and my mom is a pharmacist. These seemingly random facts are pertinent, I promise, just stick with me. 

Migraineurs are thought to have screwy dopaminergic metabolisms. So, a couple of years ago, when my migraines were very bad, my mom gave me a Dopamine Molecule Charm Necklace from Made with Molecules. Raven Hanna's rendition of a dopamine molecule has become a bit of a personal talisman for me. It reminds me of all of the things that must go right in our bodies for them to function, and how something tiny can can cause it to all go wrong. Mostly, it reminds me of the beauty present in the natural world, and of the unique ways we all see and celebrate that beauty. Oh, and that at some point, I will have to finish another organic chemistry class. 

Mine! (photo by me)

This one really needs no explanation. It is the Live Long and Prosper Cuff from Madame Poindextra, a shop full of geeky goodness. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Gift Guide - Part Two

Part Two of an Ongoing Series to Help You Find the Perfect Gift.

The Natural - He keeps his own bees, she shears her own sheep. They prefer the comfort of nature to the complexity of life in the city, even if that is where they are stationed. They yearn to feel the grass beneath their feet and sunshine on their skin, to experience things in a form as close to their original state as possible. 

Botanical Perfume 
Roxana Villa of Illuminated Perfume turns out some extraordinary scents, but Chaparral is the essence of a personal drive to connect with with the natural world. It will appeal to anyone who, for even a moment, has had the overwhelming urge to "be in nature". I don't have the expertise to properly describe it to you, but I'm going to try anyway; it is the scent of slightly singed sage, the lingering remnants of an extinguished campfire on a crisp night. See, I can't describe it, you just need to buy it. I have only tried the solid version, and love the added depth provided by the beeswax. 

As if all of that weren't enough, it is beautifully packaged for gift giving. Not only would I buy from Illuminated Perfume again, I have. I've also added some of the adorable little samples into gift baskets. 
I'm having to take breaks during typing to huff the scent from my wrist. Have I mentioned you should really just buy this, and try it for yourself? (I should point out that sticking your nose down in the little container does not provide an accurate representation of what it smells like on a person. It needs to be tried properly.)

Wood Turned Vessel
Jerry Smith of J&L WoodTurning creates incredible pieces of art out of the generally humble wooden bowl. He gets bonus points for being a West Virginian. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Treasured Gifts

'The Gift of Spring' by floofball

















Spring Gift Guide - Part One

Part One of an Ongoing Series to Help You Find the Perfect Gift.

The Keeper of Pets - Their schedule revolves around their furry or feathered pal. No outfit is complete without a locket of hair bit of fur from their friend, and their house is optimized for play on four legs.

I'm a cat person*, so this list may be a little cat-centric, but I aim to be inclusive.

Art - There is a huge selection of animal inspired artwork available through sites like Etsy and Artfire. Here are just a few of my favorites.

A custom pet portrait made up of glass mosaic tiles! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I had very limited internet access last week, but I have big plans to make up for the lack of content. Stay tuned (readers who do not exist).

Monday, March 14, 2011

Have Some Pi

Look at me not paying attention to the date. It's Pi Day, pie for everyone!

Cats in a Hat

Jasper Gaius

I made this ages ago, but thought I would post a review, of sorts, of the pattern, becasue it is   adorable, and and provides an endless supply of feline humiliation. The pattern is International Cat Hat: France, La Mieux by wildtomato of Spindles and Spices. It was a very simple and straightforward pattern, though I did make at least one, noticeable mistake. In my defense, it was my first attempt at a tam or beret style hat. The second one I made (a black and gold version for my mom's coworker's dog) was a breeze. It was a great way to learn the construction.

I only have pictures of the boys, Scarlett was uncooperative during the photo shoot, and Emilia is yet to don the hat. I think I might need to make her a green one to bring out her eyes. Well, that and the cats seem to have hidden the original version. I think it is buried somewhere with Jasper's Neil DeCat Tyson vest.

Congratulations, Surori

Winner of the West Virginia Street Team Treasury Challenge.

'Mountain Mama' by Surori

Take me home, country roads...