Monday, April 11, 2011

Let the Christmas Crafts Commence

While my last gift from last Christmas is still yet to be delivered*, I have already started on next year's gift for the same recipient. I love to learn new techniques, and to expand my crafty knowledge. Inspired by all of the incredible felt food options available on Etsy, I decided to try to make some myself. My mom made a comment about my lack of embroidery skills, so it is also an attempt to prove her wrong by showing off my stitching (which really is a bit crap).

So far, I have made, or am working on, a few varieties of pasta, an heirloom tomato, some adorable strawberries, a baby carrot, a couple of carrot slices, a fried egg, two cherries (currently without stems), and a single pea. I'm also working on a can of tuna for my cats (to be filled with catnip). The item I like the most, though, is a little tea bag. I drink copious amounts of tea every day, so I had to make some tea bags. I couldn't find a pattern or model I was happy with, as I wanted realism, and most of what is available are made of just squares of felt and a bit of string. I'm not really one to follow patterns anyway. Winging it, I ended up with an adorable little facsimile that I'm quite happy with (though the original was destroyed in a tragic over-cutting accident). I plan to have a tutorial up later this week (update-tutorial is available here), but to whet your appetite, a few pictures of what I have so far, along with last year's gift (click to enlarge).

* It was at my mom's apartment, and since she has been staying with me, we were only recently there to pick it up. Now, it must be mailed.

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