Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've decided to add a followers widget on the sidebar of this here blog (with a little prodding from Miss Kerry), and realize that it is a bit embarrassing to only have three followers, no matter how fabulous those three people are. To add a few more pictures to that lonely looking widget, and a bit of a boost to the old self-esteem (hopefully),  I'm holding a giveaway for anyone who follows this blog. WanderingJeweler, CleanerScience, and Jim will receive double entry, because I said so (though, I must admit, Jim really isn't my target demographic, and may be a bit disappointed in the fabulous prize).

Tell Them What They'll Win

Up for grabs is a custom pin, bobby pin, or pendant based on the following designs in my shop: two plain floofballs*, a floofycritter, or floofballs and lace, you pick the color and material**. Simply follow this blog, and on April 15 I will randomly draw a number to select the winner. Good luck, and thank you for even taking the time to read my silliness!

*If you choose a plain floofball pendant, you will get a free chain, rather than two pendants. Other pendant designs will not come with a necklace.
**From my supply, which is pretty extensive.


  1. Hey! It's All There Is from Etsy! I'm a follower now :) I'm under Deidra Casto instead of All There Is though.