Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Gift Guide - Part One

Part One of an Ongoing Series to Help You Find the Perfect Gift.

The Keeper of Pets - Their schedule revolves around their furry or feathered pal. No outfit is complete without a locket of hair bit of fur from their friend, and their house is optimized for play on four legs.

I'm a cat person*, so this list may be a little cat-centric, but I aim to be inclusive.

Art - There is a huge selection of animal inspired artwork available through sites like Etsy and Artfire. Here are just a few of my favorites.

A custom pet portrait made up of glass mosaic tiles! 

You're favorite cat breed in pop art silhouette. This is the Turkish Angora in honor of my boy, Jasper.

A meticulously executed custom portrait in cut paper.

I have made purchases from the next two artists, and had great experiences with both. They are talented and courteous. 

If your recipient is lacking in wall space, you can give them a miniature tribute to their pet with a needle-felted sculpture like these by Gerry of Gourmet Felted. She creates animals beyond just cats and dogs, and you can even get them in brooch form.

Doggie Clothes

I'm not really an animals dressed as people type person, except for humiliation purposes, but I understand that dogs get cold (especially little, pampered dogs). Plus, the adorableness quotient of The Skipper Peacoat and Westerly Trench from RoverDog is off the charts.

It would be wrong to get a dog for the sole purpose of playing dress-up, right?

Cat Pillow 

I've always had a fondness for Siamese cats. If you know someone with a similar affinity, might I suggest  the Siamese Cat Pillow Cover from Designs by Nancy

Silhouette Pendant

Black Bonnet Designs will turn a photo of your pals pet into a silhouette pendant. They even throw in a cut paper silhouette for free.

Mug on a Mug

Beantown Handmade hand-paints custom pet portraits onto mugs. A perfect gift for the pet lover who also loves coffee, tea, or consuming liquids of any kind.

Bike Basket

I want this soooooo much! I already have two Pet Gear carriers for my cats, but this one is also a bike basket!!! 

A Donation

Most anyone who loves a pet knows the plight of the millions of homeless, abused, and neglected animals. Make a donation in honor of the recipient, or in honor or memory of a beloved friend. In the US, you can donate to the national level of the ASPCA or the Humane Society, to your local chapter, to a local or breed specific rescue, or to a feral cat trap-neuter-release program.

I hope I've jump started your pet centric gift giving ideas. Further installments of this series will focus on gifts for recipients with different personality types and interests. 

*Not in the Doctor Who sense. Also the term always reminds me of something I heard on a PBS special titled Why We Love Cats and Dogs, "Dog people are relationship builders; cat people thrive on rejection." (quoted from memory, don't hold me to it)


  1. What a wonderful surprise to be included with all this animal art, I will post this on My FB Watercolor Pomeranian

  2. What great ideas! Thank you so much!