Monday, March 14, 2011

Cats in a Hat

Jasper Gaius

I made this ages ago, but thought I would post a review, of sorts, of the pattern, becasue it is   adorable, and and provides an endless supply of feline humiliation. The pattern is International Cat Hat: France, La Mieux by wildtomato of Spindles and Spices. It was a very simple and straightforward pattern, though I did make at least one, noticeable mistake. In my defense, it was my first attempt at a tam or beret style hat. The second one I made (a black and gold version for my mom's coworker's dog) was a breeze. It was a great way to learn the construction.

I only have pictures of the boys, Scarlett was uncooperative during the photo shoot, and Emilia is yet to don the hat. I think I might need to make her a green one to bring out her eyes. Well, that and the cats seem to have hidden the original version. I think it is buried somewhere with Jasper's Neil DeCat Tyson vest.

Mika Pinkerton
Andrew Parker


  1. grrrr... The weird gap in the pattern title will not go away!

  2. Well, I managed to move the gap...